Have a little fun with your friends and colleagues while making sales tax projections. Coming soon!

Terms of Service

tl;dr This is just for fun, so have fun!

  • Sales Tax Gameday is 100% free to use.
  • You do not have to be a ZacTax client to participate.
  • We will never try to sell any software or services to you because you signed up to play.
  • We do prefer that players work in local government in some capacity (preferably in Texas, since all of the contests have to do with Texas sales tax), but we can't really regulate that and honestly we don't have the time.
  • No purchase of any kind is necessary to play.
  • This is not a sweepstakes. These are games of skill that require you to exert a bit of brain power to project sales tax outcomes.
  • Each month we will release a new Contest which contains one or more projection opportunities. The contest will be closed before sales tax data is released, but you can modify your projections until that time.
  • Some of the games offer prizes. You can only win one prize per Contest.
  • Please don't try to cheat by creating multiple accounts. In order to get your prize, we'll have to reach out to you. When that happens, we'll figure out you're the same person as another account and you'll get the ban hammer.
  • We reserve the right to modify these Terms.
  • Last updated October 8, 2020